Friday, May 30, 2008

Happy Baby!

Yesterday, Grandmama went and got Anna Kate a play mat. She has one at their house, but we hadn't picked one up yet. We got home from a long day of fun at Grandaddy and Gigi's, and Anna Kate was just a bit fussy. We put her on the play mat, and she was absolutely mesmerized! I took this video this morning. When I put her down for a nap after being on it, she just goes right to sleep. SHE LOVES IT! Thanks Grandmama!

ps-I know that everyone won't be as enamored as I am to sit and watch 1:30 video of my baby thrashing about and grunting, but I think it's about the sweetest thing EVER! :)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

6 Weeks

We had a challenging week to say the least last week. Anna Kate has been eating extremely well since she was born. About last Wednesday, she started getting fussy during feedings, and didn't seem to be satisfied when she seemed to be finished. Long story short, after an agonizing visit to our pediatrician Friday which included what turned into 3 needle-pricks in her feet and a catheter to collect a specimen (is it normal to want to physically injure the nurse performing these tests??? LOL) and a thorough physical examination, our doc concluded that there was nothing wrong with Anna Kate...Praise the Lord! But, I was in a quandry as to what was going on with the feeding issue. We came home and attempted to feed, and after a frustrating and ear-piercing few minutes, I decided to feed her a bottle I'd pumped earlier, and she took 4 oz! Because she had only gained a few ounces in the 3 weeks since our last appt, I decided to do whatever it took all weekend to feed her as much as possible. After MUCH pumping and perseverance, I must say, we went back to the doc yesterday and Anna Kate had gained 11 oz in 4 days-that has to be some sort of record! The good news is, she's actually nursing for the most part yesterday and today and obviously it's very nourishing. I'm just thankful we've made it this far! I went today to rent a hospital pump (thanks for the advice, Fran!) to hopefully increase the supply and I'm taking an herb my OB recommended. I welcome any other suggestions from you blogger moms!

On a lighter note, this past Saturday was our 6th anniversary. I told Tyler the other day, that in those first lovesick days of our relationship, I didn't think it was possible to love him more, then on our wedding day, I didn't think it was possible to love him more...Now I love him even more for the Daddy he's becoming, and the way he loves Anna Kate. God is definitely good, and has blessed me beyond what I deserve by giving me a Jesus-loving husband and a beautiful baby girl. Now if I can just remind myself of that at 3 am when Anna Kate doesn't seem to want to go back to sleep after she's eaten! :)

With our baby on our anniversary!
Thanks Mom and Daddy for watching her so that we could go to dinner!

Isn't it just so sweet how enamored she is with her daddy? Every time he speaks she opens those eyes wide and smiles! :)

My anniversary flowers...aren't they spectacular?

Our big Memorial Day dinner took like 3 hours to cook, because the flame kept going out on our grill because of the gale-force winds of a passing thunderstorm

Playing in the floor with Grandaddy and Grandmama after dinner

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Anna Kate's pictures are up!

I am thrilled to say that Anna Kate's professional pictures are posted on Studio 193's website! They are fantastic, and I can't wait for y'all to see them! Simply go to select your connection speed, go to the client preview tab at the bottom extreme right, and type in eharris2 as the password! Let me know what you think!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

What a Weekend!

We have had a great weekend with tons of family! On Friday, my Aunt Diane and cousins Danielle and Dianna came up with Danielle's twins Austin and Breanna. They stopped by for a visit Friday afternoon, and Anna Kate had a great time meeting everyone. They brought a baby shower in a box for Anna Kate. I think our wardrobe for the Summer is set! Thanks guys...I can't wait to see her all dressed up in all the fun outfits...We love you! Saturday, Grandmom came for a visit, and we had a great day! Anna Kate even watched her first horse event with Grandmom...I'm sure it'll be the first of many! :) Grandmom stayed for church this morning, and we had a great service! I have to say that it has been so refreshing to be back in church after such a whirlwind time. I feel so much more grounded when we're able to be plugged into the body! It was a great morning. We finished off the weekend with a visit to Grandaddy and Gigi's this afternoon. Anna Kate had a great time with Aunt Sarah and Aunt Mae Beth...I have a feeling they're going to spoil her...they were teasing her with Nutter Butters, and I think Anna Kate would've loved to have a nibble! :)

Tyler and Grandmom with Anna Kate! It was such a beautiful day!

lovin on Grandmom

Tyler's mom brought the dress that she and several family members were dedicated's SO precious.

Grandmama, Aunt Diane, Dianna and Danielle. Austin and Breanna were so inquisitive about the baby...they were sweet and gave her several kisses!

Aunt Diane and Anna Kate

This might be one of my top 3 pics of Anna Kate so far...she is really smiling quite a bit! I love it

Mama and Anna Kate after a little nap

Hangin out with Grandmom after the Preakness...whew...Big Brown just blew them away!

This one's for you Amanda...I told you she LOVES the Boppy...who needs a swing and two bouncy seats???

Bathtime is becoming less and less traumatic! Thank the Lord!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

First Date

We started out this week on Monday, by having quite possibly one of the worst days since Anna Kate got lunch on Tuesday, Casey said that Drew was the same way, so maybe the barometric pressure was down or something. Surely our precious babies wouldn't be difficult just for the sake of being difficult! ;) On Tuesday, as I said, I met my precious friends Jen, Casey (and Drew, of course) and Sarah for lunch at Eva's, which I was not familiar with...let me just say-AWESOME desserts...I will definitely be going back if for nothing but the strawberry icing! We had a great time! Plus it was a first date for Drew and Anna Kate...I think they had fun, even though they slept the whole time! Meanwhile, a TRIUMPH!! Anna Kate and I ran several errands before lunch and even made a trip to the grocery store afterwards! Granted, I think I might have set a land speed record at the store, but we made it, and I was SO relieved. Maybe I won't be home-bound afterall! :) My mom came out today, and we had planned on planting flowers, but this blasted Knoxville weather didn't cooperate, so I, after almost 5 and a half years in our home, FINALLY put something on the wall over our sofa! I'd say it was quite a productive day!

With the girls at Eva's! mmm...mmm...good!

Drew and Anna Kate

Tummy time...Anna Kate is not a fan yet!

My accomplishment for more bare wall over the sofa! YAY!!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

My First Mother's Day

What an incredible blessing to be a mother on Mother's Day AND get to spend the day with my mom (my hero, especially after going thru it myself!) We got up for an early feeding, and then went to wake Daddy up, and he had a special surprise for me! Thanks, Tyler, for making it such a special day! :) We had a great morning at church with my mom and dad and spent the afternoon lounging at their house...good times...sometimes it's nice to be a bum! I want to wish all the moms a happy Mother's Day, but especially to all you mommy bloggers. I'm convinced we need to start a coffee date every so often, so that our blogs aren't the only way we keep up with each other. You are all such an encouragement to me as a new mom, and I am blessed to have all of you in my life! Happy Mom's Day!

My first Mother's Day gift...thanks Daddy and Anna Kate! I absolutely love it

I really do love being a mom


My mom and dad with Anna Kate...whew it was SO windy...I had to throw out all but 2 of the pictures because we all looked like we were about to fly away!

The moms! Look how fascinated Anna Kate is with her grandmama!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

One Month Old!

Oh my goodness! My how time is so hard to believe that Anna Kate has been here an entire month. She is such a tremendous blessing, and we are just so thankful! Tyler and I have said a hundred times already that we are definitely blessed beyond what we deserve! Aren't we all!? We've had another good week. We had another check-up at the pediatrician on Tuesday. After a 2 hour wait...No, I'm not exagerrating...we found out that we have gained a pound, which brings us to almost 10 1/2 lbs..and everything is just looking Great! :) Afterwards, we went by to visit everyone at the Papermill store, but couldn't stay long since the doctor kept us so long! Wednesday night, our friends Jen, Michael, Matt and Sarah Beth brought dinner AND dessert and we watched American of our favorite things to do! It was such fun and dinner was delicious! Thanks guys! Friday, I ventured out to Mom and Daddy's and we stopped by the Parkside store on the way...It was so good to see everyone, and Anna Kate got to visit with the ladies in the office for a while! She did so well...I think we were all pleasantly surprised! I am defintely excited about my first Mother's Day...what a blessing! Hope everyone's having a great weekend!

Swingin' with Daddy

Nuzzling Mommy

She's just started responding with little smiles and gasps...SO much fun...I can't wait to hear her laugh!

Family photo on Anna Kate's 1 month birthday...almost exactly!

Starting to get a bit fussy


This is one of my favorite things...isn't she growing fast?

We have decided that we need a swing! :)

With Aunt Sarah and Aunt Mae Beth! Aunt Sarah won Miss Majorette of Tennesse and State Strut Champion Saturday...Way to go! She got a couple of trophies that are twice as big as Anna Kate...We're proud of you!!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

American Ideal

That's right...not American Idol...American Ideal! Last night we attended a fabulous children's musical at Concord led by a WONDERFUL cast of kids, which just happened to include Aunt Mae Beth! She had not one, but two solos, and just brought the house down! We were so proud! Even Anna Kate listened intently to Mae Beth as she belted out the "Voice of Truth!" Look out Simon...we've got a future American Idol headed your way in a few years! :) We took some pictures with the they are!

With Aunt Mae Beth...doesn't she just look fantastic in her stage makeup and her krimped hair?
This was the first chance for Anna Kate to meet Robin's Mom and Dad...
All the girls...
With our little starlet!
Proud Grandaddy

Every parent dreams of the day that their child learns to pick their nose...Anna Kate has figured it out early! :)

Sunday, May 4, 2008

First time to church!!

It is a wonder, but we actually made it to the 9:15 service today at church. Why we accomplished this with a 3 week old and could NOT when it was just the two of us is beyond me, but we made it! And we were all showered/bathed and fed to boot! :) We were a little behind, but it worked out great, because we ran into Drew's parents, Brad and Casey on the way in and sat together. It was Drew's first church too, so we took lots of pictures afterwards. Anna Kate was an angel, and didn't cry the whole service. It was good to be back!

Casey, Brad and Drew with us...

We switched babies for a was so good to FINALLY meet Drew...he is absolutely precious!

Our little family

Week #3

Well, Anna Kate is 3 weeks old! This week has been pretty uneventful. Anna Kate and I ventured out for the first time BY OURSELVES on Thursday to run a couple of errands which did not require getting out of the car, but I was still proud of our progress. Our friends from Studio 193 came out on Wednesday and took what I know will be some fantastic pictures of Anna Kate...I will post as soon as they have her gallery ready so everyone can see them. We spent the day at Grandmama's on are the pics!

This just made me laugh...Bella got a pedicure from Grandmama Friday, and it was HILARIOUS! At least it's attention, right?

With my new blanket from Aunt Ashley! Thanks...I love it!

Look at those rolls on her little legs...and she's got her little (actually her freakishly long) toes all curled up. Both of which she got from mama...sorry Anna Kate

Sleeping on the cool play mat that Grandmama got me!

Bella thinks the Boppy is for her when Anna Kate isn't using it. That thing has been the GREATEST thing EVER! Thanks Amanda!

now THAT'S full belly...this one also made me laugh out loud!

lovey with Daddy

sleeping with of my favorite things to do