Saturday, April 24, 2010

It's Been Awhile...

..and we've been BUSY! :)

Whew! What a Spring it's been. We've had birthdays galore---my 30th, boo! A long needed trip to see Joylyn and a trip to the beach...proms...and on and on. I've tried to be brief here, so once you've looked at this post, you'll have the 411 on the Harris' for Spring!

We FINALLY dedicated Anna Kate a couple of months ago...she was precious, and we were blessed to have lots of family at church with us for this special service.

As you can see, Anna Kate has NO stranger anxiety. Tim was a little worried that Anna Kate wouldn't let him hold you can see, this was NOT a problem. SO sweet!

Our little family!

The story behind this picture, embodies my and Joylyn's relationship. Once we decided what we wanted to do, we laughed so hard, this poor newly-married couple who wanted to ask us to take their picture, thought we were drunk! It still makes me laugh every time I look at it!

We finally convinced the couple we weren't crazy, and they took our picture, too!

At South Congress Cafe for a fabulous dinner before heading to the John Mayer concert!

eeeee!!! At the concert! It was my 30th birthday present to myself to get 5th row tickets and dance my face off...for a while, I didn't feel almost 30.

With sweet Jen and Sarah, owners of fabulous Elle Boutique, who wrangled me into being a model in their Spring fashion show. I agreed to do makeup for the girls, but had to step in at the last minute and walk the runway! It was super fun, but I think I'll stick to makeup, girls! :) :)

With former model and soon-to-be mama again, Casey

Hangin' out with Grandaddy at church!

She launched herself at Uncle B when they visited last and laid on him forever!! It was so sweet. Anna Kate LOVES her "Apple B" and Aunt Sissy.

Sarah's 17th!

Grangranny has not been well, and we took a little trip down to see her. Thankfully, almost all the grandkids were able to be together and spend some time!

Even though it's a little blurry, I love this one of Anna Kate and Grangranny! Anna Kate took right to her, of course, and walked around saying, "Gan-ganny!"

At Fran's annual Easter Egg Hunt. What a great hostess!

Since Easter, AK runs around saying, "Egg!" when she finds one of her many plastic eggs around the house!

Eating out for Anna Kate's ACTUAL birthday! Because we were at the beach the week before and headed to market the week after, I didn't get to throw my big ole ladybug party! Oh well, there's always 3! :)

Goofin' off with Granna at birthday lunch!

"Peh-ssants!" as Anna Kate says...

Hurry Daddy!! I NEED that present!

"CAKE!!!" For WEEKS leading up to her birthday, Anna Kate sang, "Hap-puh Birdday to YOUUUU...Hap-puh bird day to YOUUUU..." ALL THE TIME!

It's only good if you wear it, right??

Readin' with just couldn't have happened without the daisy headdress for Granna..

I absolutely cannot believe that prom time is here for Sarah. I have to say, she's one of my favorites, and it was an honor to help her get ready for her special night!

Isn't she Gorgeous?!!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

My first award! :)

Sara, my fellow mommy blogger, although she is MUCH more diligent with her blogging than I, sent me this lovely sunshine award, and with it the responsibility of disclosing my top 7 must-haves. Thanks, Sara!

7 Things I cannot leave my house without:

7-diapers & wipes...the joys of motherhood! :)
6-driver's license...if you have a run-in with the po-po's, not having this could result in jail time...a DEFINITE no no
5-extra bow/rubber band for Anna Kate's hair...Those of you who know her well, know that if her hair not wrangled in some way, Anna Kate looks like Cousin It's little sister. It's actually quite dangerous! ;)
4-keys...without them, we're getting nowhere fast!
3-Neosporin lip balm, lip gloss and Bobbi Brown concealer compact...ahhhh, vanity.
2-sanitizer (Purell, organic spray from Earthfare that smells like Lavender, wipes, ANY kind will do)...Yes, I'm the germaphobic crazy mom who sanitizes everything constantly. I may be single-handedly responsible for society's resistance to antibiotics, and I'm okay with that!
1-Blackberry-should the aforementioned po-po run-in actually happen sans driver's license, we would be in dire straits without the cell phone, but then again, they do give you ONE phone call, right?? :) Also, my cheerful Michael Franti "Say Hey, I Love You" or Golden Girls theme ringtones just add that special sparkle to my day!

On a side note, since I've been so lazy about blogging, and taking pictures for that matter, here's a pic of Anna Kate while she was playing at Granna & Grandaddy's yesterday. Things have been so busy with work, we've been lax about picture-taking and blogging. We're dedicating Anna Kate at church tomorrow, so I'll try and post those pics soon! :) It's a special day that we're so looking forward to because it means we get to symbolically offer this precious gift back to the Lord, and remind ourselves that she is only ours to care for and shepherd. Now off to work out, and hopefully find some shoes for the big day tomorrow! :) Target, here we come!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Anna Kate & Santa!!

Well, all our talking and talking about "HoHo" seems to have paid off. She LOVED Santa, and we got a few good pics. We are ready for Christmas now!

Smile for the camera!!!

Snugglin' with Santa!

Merry Christmas, Y'all!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I Said It's Great to Be from Alabama!!!

ROLL TIDE, Y'all!!! It's been an eventful few weeks since my last post. We've decorated the house for our first Christmas here, and Anna Kate absolutely LOVES the lights and decorations! Her favorite thing so far is taking the remote for the outdoor lights outside and turning them on all by herself. She just thinks it's TOO cool. She's just in love with her snowglobe that plays Christmas carols from last year. Anytime she goes in her room to play, she just turns it on and leaves it on. Apparently, she gets her love of Christmas music from her mama. :)

We also got to go to Alabama for Thanksgiving and see my family. It was GREAT to get away for a bit and spend time with family that we don't see nearly enough. By the way, Anna Kate has decided to call Ben & Lacy, Uncle B and Aunt Sissy! She follows Ben around saying, "Beee!" Is that the cutest thing ever???

We got the chance to go to Atlanta to see our precious Crimson Tide play a fantastic Florida team for the SEC Championship. It was a great game, and we were so thankful to come away with a win. Now, we've got to go get #13, and take care of those Longhorns in Pasadena! :)

Playing with Aunt Sissy while they were up for a visit.

Uncle B reading Anna Kate a story at his house the night before Thanksgiving. It was SO sweet, and I think Ben will be a fantastic daddy someday. Anna Kate LOVED listening to his rendition of "Goodnight Gorilla"

Anna Kate representing in her houndstooth and red tights!

Definitely a fan of the Christmas tree!

LOVE the outdoor lights. Thanks, Granna & Grandaddy for ALL your help with our outside decorations!

All decked out and ready to take on those Gators!

Rammer Jammer, Baby!!!

A little blurry, but definitely #1 for now!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Headed to ATL!!!

Roll Tide, y'all! Tyler's dad graciously offered us the chance to go down to T-town at the last minute the weekend, and we had THE BEST time! Granna & Grandaddy were sweet enough to watch Anna Kate, so we jumped at the chance to go see our favorite team clinch the SEC Western division title and the chance to go at Atlanta again this year and play the Gators in the Championship game! :) We opened the weekend with wings at Buffalo Wild Wings and a walk around campus, then got up bright and early for some shopping on Bryant Drive and an early arrival at The Zone for some good food and cheering as the team pulled up and entered the stadium!! I can't say it was an "easy" win, and there were definitely some moments when we wondered what the outcome would be, but we cheered until we were hoarse, and thankfully, the team pulled out another impressive win! ROLL TIDE!! We are definitely blessed with great family that allows us the opportunity to go and use their tickets, and awesome family that keeps an eye on Anna Kate while we're away! Thanks, y'all! We love you SO much! Here are a few pics!

Us...being silly...same pose a year later! Not too bad for an unflexible almost 30 year old next to a national champion baton twirler, huh! :) :) :)

SO excited about heading to the stadium to see our guys whoop LSU!

awwww...We are so blessed to have such awesome family!

One of the great things about sitting in the Zone is getting to go in early and watch the team pull up and walk the Walk of Champions...this is the aftermath...a sea of crimson!

Tyler and me in the stadium getting ready to watch the Tide roll!!

After the game, minus our voices, and VERY happy!!! Ramma Jamma, baby!! 24-15!

Here's a picture of Anna Kate enjoying storytime with Grandaddy while Mama & Daddy were in Alabama. It's such a blessing to be able to leave Anna Kate with them and know she'll be in good hands and LOVE every minute with them...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fall, so far!

Happy Fall, y'all! I've been away too took me quite a while to upload these pics. I've been lax lately, mainly because we've been super busy and because our camera is now officially 27 years old. I've definitely got my sights set on a camera that doesn't weigh 12 lbs for the new year!!! :)

Anna Kate is growing like a weed. At her last appointment she weighed 28 lbs, and was 34 inches long...She is TALL TALL TALL! She is STILL not talking which would concern me, but ALL my friends say that she will just wake up one day and speak in complete sentences. She knows which books are which, and can get them when we ask her to, but I'm ready to be able to communicate more effectively with her! She's definitely gotten some "spunk" here lately! No is not quite as meaningful anymore, if you know what I mean! She absolutely loves playing with Bella, and watching football! YAY!

Today, we went to visit Mrs. LeAnna, for Anna Kate's VERY first haircut! This is the before

During...LeAnna did a FABULOUS job!

And, after! I think it's pretty obvious that Anna Kate LOVED getting her haid done. I'm afraid we have a girly girl on our hands! :)

This is a picture from Halloween! We did NOT go trick or treating, because of the rain :( but we did eat pizza and hang out at home with our little puppy dog!

Me, Mae Beth, Gigi, Anna Kate and Sarah after one of her famous halftime performances at Catholic! Anna Kate LOVED going to the games this season.

Anna Kate is FASCINATED by all the shiny crystals and sequins on Sarah's costume. Gigi's mom, Mary, made this suit...isn't it GORGEOUS!!??

This happens a LOT...I can't tell you how many of our pictures are just not blog-worthy because Anna Kate is trying to escape the clutches of some loved one! Can I get a witness from the moms who've recently had an 18 month old???? :)

Getting an all-important shaker lesson from Grandad!

ROLL TIDE!! I think she's got the hang of it!

With Daddy and Mae Beth after one of Sarah's performances all decked out in Irish green. Check out Anna Kate's gold sandals! Has this chick got spirit or what?? :)

With Uncle Ben at Allison's Catfish for dinner!

With Uncle Ben & Aunt Lacy before dinner!

With Gigi, obviously pumped to be decked out for the first Bama game of the season!

Could she be more excited??? Actually, this one had nothing to do with football, and EVERYTHING to do with a couple of super cute puppies!

Attempting a picture with Aunt Sarah...

Walking around/on the dress that Momma bought last season in T-town. Good news-she'll probably be able to wear it next year, too!

Anna Kate LOVES watching football with her daddy!