Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Anna Kate's Birthday

As I said earlier, our extremely talented cousin Morgan brought her camera to Anna Kate's birthday party and click click clicked away the whole time. She got some BEAUTIFUL shots, and I can't wait for you all to see them! Go here: http://morgantrinker.com/annakatebirthday/ and let me know what you think!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

God is good!

More than a few times this weekend, I've caught myself just looking around at Tyler, Anna Kate, our new home, the amazing family and friends who have helped hold us steady and ease our burden through this process, and one thing was so incredibly obvious to me. My life is so fleeting and precious. I am amazed at my Jesus who loves me so well, and fills my life with more blessings than I can even begin to even see, much less thank Him for. On this Easter Sunday, it is even more apparent that I am so imperfect, and as our pastor said today, in desperate need of the healing, life-altering, challenging power of the gospel each day. Without it, my fleeting life, even with all the precious gifts I've been given is meaningless. All the blessings He bestows are simply little glimpses into the vastness that is His love for me. Wow...I think I need to learn to rest in that. Tyler gave me the new Michael W. Smith worship dvd (which, btw, I highly recommend), and there's a precious song at the end that says, "He's not like us, He loves you just because." I think at times like the past week, when I get so busy and forget to thank Him and take refuge in His love, I need reminders that He's there...and there's nothing I can do to make Him love me any more than He does right now. Jesus came to secure that eternal life for us by living a perfect life, taking my sin and yours on Himself, in fact, as Paul says, He became sin for us, and dying a horrific death on the cross. Praise the Lord, it doesn't end there...Another one of my favorite songs right now says, "The enemy has been defeated! DEATH COULDN'T HOLD YOU DOWN!!!" I am thankful that I serve a just, merciful, grace-lavishing God who has conquered death and has chosen to make my heart His home.

We were so blessed to have family in our new home for Anna Kate's birthday, you're all going to gasp when I say this, but I didn't take one single picture. I was THRILLED to find out that Tyler's extremely talented and budding professional photographer cousin, Morgan, was not only coming, but bringing her brand new fat-daddy Canon to the party! Bless her heart, she spent the whole party clicking away, but I was so thankful she did. I didn't worry one time about picking up the camera and trying to take pictures. Morgan, just know that you were a blessing to me, and I absolutely cannot wait to see the pictures!!! :) A wonderful friend from church, Emily, made Anna Kate's cake, and it was THE BEST cake EVER!!!! REALLY...if you need a cake for any occassion, email me, and I'll get you her info. She is fabulous...Easter was awesome. I spent a lot of the worship service in tears, amazed at the love my Savior has for me (good thing I wasn't on the stage today, huh?) and we spent the afternoon with family eating and hanging out! It's been a great weekend, and I am SO looking forward to getting settled even more and resting a bit this week!

Last picture at the condo...kinda sad, huh?

Everyone looks like they've been beaten with a 2X4...that's moving for ya! :)

Out on the porch!

Anna Kate's new room!!! She's done remarkably well...she's sleeping like a champ despite the new surroundings!

Family Easter picture in front of our new home!

Mom, chewing on books is COMPLETELY normal at my age. Come on!

Playing with her new dance tower Uncle Ben & Aunt Lacy gave her. I LOVE IT. It says, "Shake it, baby!"

Looking at my Easter basket!

You'll never catch me!

LOVING the walker...thanks, Granna & Grandaddy!

Seriously, y'all, I LOVE this thing!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Congratulations, Grandad!

Since I haven't had much time to take pics of the new house, I thought we'd update with a post to congratulate Grandad. He's this year's recipient of the Willis Award, which is the highest honor awarded by the Southern Home Furnishings Association. It's given each year to the person "who contributes most unselfishly to the industry, to the community and to God." We definitely think the committee made the right decision...Grandad is such a blessing to our family, and Anna Kate is blessed to have him in her life! Congratulations! We love you!