Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mama got her hair did!!!

Alright girls, let me know what you think...if you think it's terrible, lie! :) Just kidding! I just decided it was time to do something different, and it felt good to have a break today! Thanks, Mom, for watching Anna Kate!

Monday, February 2, 2009

9 Month Checkup!

Hey everyone!
On Friday of last week, Anna Kate had her 9 month checkup (a little late, thanks to mama!) and we got a great report! Apparently, Anna Kate is one healthy baby! She weighed in at a little over 21 lbs, which put her in the 80th percentile, while her height at almost 29 inches, put her in the ninety-something percentile, so she's not heavy for her height! Her head is huge at almost 29 3/4 cm, so hopefully she'll be smarter than her mama, especially when it comes to math! :) Her hemoglobin, which I think measures the iron in her blood was 14, which, the doctor said, is on par for a teenage boy...EEK! So, obviously, we're not anemic! God has been so good to keep her healthy and well, especially this winter. We are thankful to him for her progress and growth and will pray that it continues! For those of you that are familiar with it, the nurses thought Anna Kate's growl was HILARIOUS! They just kept coming into the room and laughing...I, of course, was mortified. They saw that she is a happy baby, though, despite the growling. :)

We spent Sunday traveling, and were able to go to Gallatin to hear Tyler's grandaddy preach. What a treat! He is such a precious man of God, and we were so proud of him. He spoke on sexual purity with such fervor and conviction. Afterwards, we got to see Tyler's grandparents' new condo. It is so pretty, and we were thrilled to have Tyler's grandmother's awesome homemade rolls with our home-cooked lunch! Today, I got caught out in what I'd call a blizzard. I decided to take the back way home...NOT SMART, and if it weren't for the prudent advice of my daddy, I'd probably still be stranded in some ditch between here and Kroger! I went out early this morning to have the oil changed in my car, so mom came and had breakfast with me, then brought Anna Kate home so that I could get some shopping done! Thanks Granna!

Here are a few pictures:

Us with Tyler's grandparents...Tyler's grandmother says "A well dressed baby is a barefoot baby" Hence, Anna Kate's bare feet! :)

Pulling up on Grandaddy and Gigi's cabinets in the kitchen. She kept hitting them like, "Hey! Let me in!"

Anna Kate & Daddy in the snow today!

The funniest picture to date...This made me laugh out loud!

Anna Kate is pulling up on EVERYTHING!

One of my new favorites!

See...she really is happy...I have NO idea why she growls...

Cute, huh?

Storytime with Mama

I think this is sweet. We are beginning to have a TIME getting Anna Kate to look at the camera!