Saturday, February 20, 2010

My first award! :)

Sara, my fellow mommy blogger, although she is MUCH more diligent with her blogging than I, sent me this lovely sunshine award, and with it the responsibility of disclosing my top 7 must-haves. Thanks, Sara!

7 Things I cannot leave my house without:

7-diapers & wipes...the joys of motherhood! :)
6-driver's license...if you have a run-in with the po-po's, not having this could result in jail time...a DEFINITE no no
5-extra bow/rubber band for Anna Kate's hair...Those of you who know her well, know that if her hair not wrangled in some way, Anna Kate looks like Cousin It's little sister. It's actually quite dangerous! ;)
4-keys...without them, we're getting nowhere fast!
3-Neosporin lip balm, lip gloss and Bobbi Brown concealer compact...ahhhh, vanity.
2-sanitizer (Purell, organic spray from Earthfare that smells like Lavender, wipes, ANY kind will do)...Yes, I'm the germaphobic crazy mom who sanitizes everything constantly. I may be single-handedly responsible for society's resistance to antibiotics, and I'm okay with that!
1-Blackberry-should the aforementioned po-po run-in actually happen sans driver's license, we would be in dire straits without the cell phone, but then again, they do give you ONE phone call, right?? :) Also, my cheerful Michael Franti "Say Hey, I Love You" or Golden Girls theme ringtones just add that special sparkle to my day!

On a side note, since I've been so lazy about blogging, and taking pictures for that matter, here's a pic of Anna Kate while she was playing at Granna & Grandaddy's yesterday. Things have been so busy with work, we've been lax about picture-taking and blogging. We're dedicating Anna Kate at church tomorrow, so I'll try and post those pics soon! :) It's a special day that we're so looking forward to because it means we get to symbolically offer this precious gift back to the Lord, and remind ourselves that she is only ours to care for and shepherd. Now off to work out, and hopefully find some shoes for the big day tomorrow! :) Target, here we come!