Monday, June 30, 2008

I love slideshows!!!

Here are two slideshows I've created for the first two months of Anna Kate's life! I can't seem to scrapbook, so this is PERFECT for me!

Our Weekend

Whew! It was another eventful weekend, with Tyler's birthday and yet another beautiful wedding to attend! We started celebrating Tyler's birthday with a visit from his mom on Wednesday. She and Tyler went shopping for dinner stuff and came home with these huge steaks and a gorgeous chocolate cake! It was SO, Anna Kate enjoyed spending a little time with Gradmom! :) Then on Friday, we celebrated Aunt Mae Beth's and Mary's (Gigi's mom) birthday along with Tyler's at his dad's house...homemade blackberry cobbler with blackberries from the backyard-SO GOOD! Then Saturday, our dear friends David Stewart and Eden got married in a beautiful Hawaiian-themed ceremony. The whole service was so obviously centered around their love for Jesus and each other. We are so happy for them and wish them more happiness than they know what to do with in the coming years! Afterwards, we went to dinner at my parent's house to celebrate, yet again, and also wish my grandmother a happy birthday! She and Tyler actually share a birthday. Here are a few pictures!

Tyler and his mom with that incredible chocolate cake!

The birthday crew with yummy peanut butter pie and blackberry cobbler-YUM!

At the wedding Saturday-Fran and Sara FINALLY got to meet Anna Kate!
It was so good to see you guys!

Tyler with the groom!

Anna Kate and Grangranny watching TV...she just loves Grangranny

Monday, June 23, 2008

Our weekend in Sweet Home Alabama

Well, all I had to do to get Anna Kate to sleep all the way thru the night was take her home to Alabama! :) Even staying in a hotel pack-n-play, she slept from 11 to 7 Friday night! WOOHOO!! This weekend, we went to Alabama for my dear friend and college roomate Ashley's wedding. Everything was beautiful, and I was honored to be apart of her special day! We pray that she and Brad will be blissfully happy in the years to come! We were also able to run (literally) to campus and take a few shots with our favorite campus landmarks. One was the President's mansion, where we also have pictures from when we were dating, and graduations, etc. I'll try to post a timeline...I'm sure it would be interesting! Anyway-it was awesome to be back in Bama, and we even got to spend a little bit of time with family in the Valley! It won't be long before we'll be back for my baby cousin Dianna's wedding in August...whew! Time flies!

with Daddy at Bryant-Denny

with mama


at the President's dream house! ;) Seriously though...I love that old South antebellum look

in front of the Chimes...we literally had to break up a student tour to get to the president's mansion, but I think we'd make a killer selling point to high schoolers considering UA...I mean...sweet family coming back to their alma mater with their newborn to take pictures...too cute, right?? :)

roomies...Ash looked so pretty on her wedding day!

with the happy couple!

super happy that Anna Kate made it thru the ceremony without putting her two cents in! :)

Anna Kate meeting Aunt Ashley for the first time!

with some of Ashley beautiful flowers!

My mom went along this weekend to help...and boy did she! I don't know that we'd have done without you...Thank you so much for all your help!

4 generations!

Weigh-in and checkup and SHOTS...OH MY!!!

This past week Anna Kate had her 2 month check up, which I have been dreading since I found out that that's when the shots would begin! ICK! Anna Kate did famously, screaming only momentarily after her shots...her daddy and I did not fare so well! :) I had no idea that when parents said that they would rather endure the pain themselves than watch their child go thru it, they totally meant it! We are happy to report that Anna Kate's head measures in the 95th percentile at almost 41 cm, her height at 24 in is in the 86th percentile, and her weight of a little over 12 lbs is in the 70-something percentile. Overall...healthy baby! After the shots and a little lunch for Anna Kate, the doctor was pleased to find Anna Kate happy and VERY alert! Hopefully, she's taken after daddy and gotten all of his smart genes! We are blessed and extremely thankful that she's doing so well!

She took a LONG nap after we got home...see her little band-aids??

This one's for you Aunt 'Manda, see the elephants on her little onesie? I found this while I was on the phone with you at Old Navy the other day!

Reading "Brown Bear" with mama!

Mama's pretty flowers!

learning to deal with all of Bella's kisses!

such a Daddy's girl already!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy First Father's Day

I can't begin to say how proud I am of the Daddy Tyler has become over the past 2 months! He is smitten with Anna Kate, and it's pretty obvious that she's completely in love with him, too! Whenever he comes home from work, her eyes widen, and she almost always grins when she hears his voice and sees his smile! I know she's going to be a Daddy's girl for sure! We also got to spend some time with some other Daddies who are important to us! We love you and appreciate all you mean to us! We are truly blessed! Anna Kate also went for her first swim today! It was a big day...

My favorite picture of Tyler and Anna Kate as a newborn!

opening his Father's Day gift

In the pool for the first time with Daddy

in the shade

hmmm...I think I like this!

nappin with Gigi!

Jamie & Morgan's Wedding

What a beautiful day yesterday!! We had the privelege of attending Tyler's cousin Morgan and her now husband Jamie's wedding! It was a sweet service at the Ramsey House Plantation and a rockin reception complete with fried chicken and all the trimmin's! It was delicious, and I had the best time dancing with my sisters-in-law! Great job on the dance mix Morgan...thanks for the "Sweet Home Alabama" nod...SO FUN! We wish you all the best! You guys are precious!

All dressed up and ready to go!

Pretty girls! Aunt Sarah, Cousin Ellen, and Aunt Mae Beth

Praying the rain would go away...and it did!

Tyler and Grandmother before the service

Anna Kate did so well at her first wedding...she slept thru most of it!

The Daddies on Father's Day weekend

With the going away car...isn't it cool?

is it just me or is she the most beautiful baby...EVER??? I guess maybe I'm a little biased, huh?

With Aunt Mae Beth...I think Anna Kate's going to have big blue eyes just like hers!

Gigi found a way for Anna Kate to stay cool! Look at the expression on her face...priceless!

Cuttin a rug with my baby!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy Wednesday

On Wednesday, Anna Kate and I met some friends for lunch to celebrate Jen's birthday today! Happy Birthday Jen...while we were there, Sarah and Jen offered to watch Anna Kate, so I took them up on it. After trying on this great dress I wore to weddings last summer, I discovered (thankfully with barely enough time) that thanks to breastfeeding it would NOT work! Mom is sick with a terrible head cold after wading around in the flood waters last weekend, so I was desperate! They watched her at their store while I frantically ran around trying to find a dress for Morgan and Jamie's wedding this weekend! Thanks girls! You're the best! They're actually the first non-family baby sitters Anna Kate's stayed with...Then, we had the opportunity to grab supper with Tyler's mom and George, which was a treat! We really enjoyed it! Here are just a few pictures! By the way, Anna Kate was 2 months old Wednesday, as well...How time flies!!!

With Sarah and the birthday girl! Thanks again guys...I don't know what I'd have done without you!

With Paige at Eva's...yummm

With Grandaddy George and Grandmom!
Thanks for my, Anna Kate

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

workout time!

I found Anna Kate doing what appeared to be her morning workout Sunday morning. I thought it was HILARIOUS!!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Cute new outfit

I just had to post this picture...first time with a skirt on...I think she's going to be quite the fashionista

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Our big weekend!

Anna Kate FINALLY met her Uncle Ben, Aunt Lacy and Grangranny! :) We had a great weekend celebrating my daddy's birthday Saturday until this massive thunderstorm dumped about 2 ft of water in about 45 minutes! My mom and dad have had some concerns about the drainage on their lot, but this storm confirmed them all! The water was LITERALY 1/2 inch from coming IN THE HOUSE...their front yard looked like a rushing was scary! But afterwards we improved the mood with some homemade ice cream and play time with Anna Kate! I'll post a video. Sunday was spent visiting family and making our weekly run to Earthfare for groceries! It was a busy but extremely good weekend. It was so good to see Ben, Lacy and Grangranny! Hopefully, it won't be too long before we see them again!

First picture with Uncle Ben! (not the rice man)

With Uncle Ben and Aunt Lacy...minus the bandana! Thanks to Aunt Lacy ;)

First picture with Grangranny...she had the best time with Grangranny! It's no wonder...she was the best grandmother EVER to five grandkids of her own!

Watching TV with Aunt Lacy and Uncle Ben

Grangranny fed her

Happy Birthday Daddy! Hope you liked your banana pudding!

I told you I'd put this picture on the blog, Uncle Ben! ;)

Even in the middle of it all, we're still stupid in love with our new baby girl! :)

Then the rains came...

...and came! That's Uncle Ben at the end of the driveway! Believe it or not, the waters had already receded a bit!

Uncle Ben even got in on the feeding action!

I think this one might be a favorite!

Grangranny, Daddy and Anna Kate after Sunday dinner!

hangin out with Daddy Sunday morning! :)