Saturday, March 28, 2009


Hey everyone!

Whew! Let me tell you...selling a house and then buying a new one is NOT for the faint of heart! :) We have been, for the past month, up to our ears in house-selling/buying! Not a big deal if you're a super realtor, like my dear friend, Fran or a seasoned home buyer, but for those of us who have never really done it, it can knock you for a loop! That said, we have been amazed at the Lord's provision and His faithfulness through it all. As with most, if not all, home purchases, there have been trying moments, but He has been so good to show up no matter what. After selling our condo in 9, yes 9, days, and frantically searching through tons of houses online, only to find them sold or riddled with problems, I was about to lose hope when superFran came to the rescue with a gorgeous house in an area we hadn't even considered. After looking at 18 houses a couple of Sundays ago, we saw this house, and from the moment we walked in, I think Tyler and I both knew that this was the home the Lord had for us all along! :) We are now thru most of the negotiations, inspections, and generally stressful things, and are awaiting closings (BOTH of them) on the 6th...only a few days before Miss Anna Kate's 1st birthday! dear blogger mom friends, if you were expecting some swank party invite, you will most certainly be disappointed this year. We're doing a fairly low key (as low key as my fanatical Hobby Lobby shopping self will allow) family-only shindig this year! :)

Anna Kate still refuses to walk unaided, and is jabbering (thankfully, not growling so much anymore) like CRAZY, but not talking other than mama and dada. I'm going to post a video of this HILARIOUS new sound she started today. I have now, at Tyler's request, added turkey to Anna Kate's diet, and she absolutely LOVES it. No vegetarian here! :) Despite her crazy crazy hair, I cannot get her to leave a bow alone in her hair. I'm WIDE OPEN to suggestions there.

I can't wait to post pics of the new house once we get moved in! Please pray for us as we prepare for the move!

Dinner at Calhoun's with Aunt Diane when she came to visit!

Lunch with Jen & Sarah at Pimento's! Anna Kate looks a little something in this picture...I'm not quite sure what

Playing with the ball the afternoon our house sold!!

Anna Kate & Daddy!!

Love that wind-blown look!

Hangin' out with Grandaddy while he reads the mail, and Anna Kate drinks juice...Hooray for multi-tasking!

Anna Kate in her snazzy new dress that we won in a giveaway on my friend Fran's blog. It's handmade by Heidi, who has a shop called pieces of before on Esty. Visit her shop. Right now, she's doing a giveaway with each purchase, so check it out!

We are afraid Anna Kate is going to tear down the door frame, she loves her jumpy so much!

Tormenting Bella through the back door

Apparently, gone is the scary baby growl (**fingers crossed**) and this HILARIOUS new sound is taking over. She's in her bed right now doing it instead of sleeping

Monday, March 9, 2009

We may have a prisspot on our hands

Yesterday, we got to spend the afternoon with Grandad, Gigi and the girls. When we went outside to watch Aunt Sarah and Mae Beth twirl, we tried to put Anna Kate down in the grass...she would NOT touch it, and almost fell over trying to quickly retract all limbs that might be in danger of touching the stuff! She did love watching the girls twirl....she even tried to pick up a baton at one point, but alas, she only wanted to eat it! :) :) Here are a few pics!

Give me that baton!!!

My favorite


Don't put me in that grass!


Monday, March 2, 2009

Long Time No Blog

I guess maybe having my hair "did" made my blogging ability disappear! We have been kinda busy lately, and, honestly, I haven't taken many pictures at all. Anna Kate is growing and changing so much. She is starting to have that toddler look now. I see newborns, and it makes me so sad, because she is definitely not a teensy baby anymore. She is laughing ALL the time, still growling occasionally, and avoiding walking at all costs. I'm convinced that she could if she got the urge, but she just prefers crawling right now. She is SO fast. I guess she feels like walking might slow her up a bit. I am already starting to think about her 1st birthday party, believe it or not. It is impossible to believe that it's that time. People say it all the time, but it really does fly by. We are trying so hard to savor the moments we have with her.

On another front, we put our condo on the market yesterday, and we are THRILLED at the prospect of moving to a house. We would certainly appreciate it if you would pray with us as we seek the Lord's will in this. So...if you know anyone in the market for a condo in the Western Ave area, let us (or Fran) know! :)

Here are a few pics!

Helping Grandaddy work on making the condo look great!

Hanging out at the Olive Garden...she LOVES bread! I'm afraid this may be inherited

If you can't see how much Anna Kate loves her daddy from these pics, I don't know what to tell you!