Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My little Rolly Polly!

Whew...I am quickly becoming a blog slacker! I don't even know where to start. Anna Kate has been loving the cereal and has since started carrots! Tonight she had some avacado, which was HILARIOUS!! She's not a fan...but we'll keep trying. She is rolling and trying to crawl. She gets up on her little hands and knees and just rocks back and forth and then tumbles down and rolls onto her side as if to say, "Whew! That was hard!"

One of my new favorites! She is developing quite a smile!

Sleeping in the chair with Daddy!

Thanks for the dress Kyndra!

Walking in the park on a beautiful Fall day!

Laughing at Daddy!

waking up from a nap...happy baby

Carrots are good!

We love Fall...look at that blue sky!

Trying to crawl! I'll post some video soon

This was taken today. I am amazed at how much she's growing! She's becoming such a Daddy's girl!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Pray for Maggie!

Why not use this blog as a prayer chain? A dear childhood friend of mine and her family need our prayers. My friend April (Hutchins) Rennie has a precious 15-month old little girl named Maggie who has recently been diagnosed with cancer. After changing a diaper last week and noticing some blood, April took her to the doctor, and after much testing and what had to be terrifying days waiting, they were told that she has cancer. They currently being treated at Emory in Atlanta, and I'm confident that Maggie and her family are in great hands there. Please pray with me that this cancer be taken from her little body, and whatever the case, the family would be strengthened and given sufficient grace to see them through these tough moments. Maggie's Papa, another wonderful family friend has created a CarePage for Maggie. Here's the URL: www.carepages.com/maggiejorennie I had to go through a teensy bit of setup to access her page. Please check it out and join me in supporting this precious family! We're praying for you Maggie!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Our First Weekend Away!

We did it!!! We finally left Anna Kate for more than about 3 hours! We had the opportunity to go to Tuscaloosa this weekend with Tyler's dad Robin and the girls to stay in their new condo and go the home opener against Tulane. We had such a great time being with you guys...thanks so much for letting us tag along!! We left Anna Kate with my mom and daddy and headed out about 1 on Friday and returned today around 6....those last few hours were excruciating! I missed Anna Kate so much. Even though we had a fantastic weekend being back in Alabama with family, and I was able to do some shopping for next season for Anna Kate...I wore my mom and dad OUT with all my phone calls! They did a perfect job taking care of her! Thanks so much, mom and daddy...you have no idea what a blessing it was to come home to a happy baby! :) They even called us right before we drove into Knoxville and let us listen as Anna Kate cackled and laughed harder than I've ever heard her while they were playing with Bella! Here are a few pictures from the weekend!

I don't know if I've mentioned it, but Anna Kate absolutely LOVES to chew on her feet...so funny!

Hanging out with Daddy...Mama, why are you taking my picture??

She is REALLY grasping and holding onto things well...they also generally go in her mouth...

We went and got Anna Kate a jumperoo...I don't think she's quite ready for it...she just sat in it with this bewildered look on her face and spun around slowly on one toe. I almost hurt myself laughing!

Leaving my baby...I was heartbroken!

I asked Mom to take lots of pictures this weekend, and this is what I got! :) See how she's grasping the bottle...it won't be long before she'll be holding it all on her own!

Sarah, Tyler and Mae Beth on the balcony at the condo...see Bryant-Denny in the background?

Actin silly after a LOOOOOONG ride in the car!


...more silliness!!! See how much more flexible Sarah & Mae Beth are than the old woman? Ahhh...youth!

Watching TV

in The Zone...aka The Eating Olympics...there was so much good food, we all about ate ourselves silly!

This time last season, my baby bump was just showing up!

Me & Robin...isn't that the best view of the field???

Sarah, me & Mae Beth...we took a million pictures! It was so much fun

Sweet Home Alabama...I still say that Bryant-Denny is THE prettiest stadium in the world at night! You can't beat it!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

4 Month Slideshow!

It's been a LONG time huh?

Well, I have to tell you...Time is flyin by, and since our vacation, I've been a complete slacker...in almost every way. Anna Kate has been growing and changing so much! We had our four-month check up last week on August 26th, and Anna Kate is about 24 inches long, and weigs 15.9 lbs, both of which were around the 70th percentile...so her gargantuan size at birth is leveling out...she may not be a linebacker afterall! :) She is getting to be such a rolly polly. The other night I put her down on her mat, which she loves, and went into the kitchen to do something, and literally 20 seconds later, Tyler said, "Elisa, come here!" Anna Kate had rolled across the floor and under his recliner! Until then, she only rolled over on her belly and just sat there. It was SO funny! We will definitely have to start thinking about baby-proofing, huh? She's also started cereal, which is pretty funny. She had her first cereal last Wednesday. (After all the stress of the doctor's appt on Tuesday and the shots, I thought it prudent to wait for a day to introduce the spoon and cereal) Of course, Tyler has been worried about the nutritional value of single grain rice cereal, but you have to start somewhere, Daddy! ;) The first couple of feedings were pretty hilarious, with Anna Kate pursing her little lips and looking at us with this confused look like, "What in the world is this thing and this pasty stuff you're trying to put in my face?" After a couple of days, though, she was opening her mouth like a little bird and eating as fast as I could feed her! I think we have a good eater on our hands! :) Other than that, we've just been adjusting her schedule to exclude the long nap at 5...she takes a catnap and is usually ready to rumble for the rest of the evening! We are finding that she's a little clingy to me, which is disconcerting, but will hopefully work itself out if we are more intentional going forward about her spending time with others.

I am continually amazed at the intense love I feel for her...she is such an amazing blessing. As I sat folding her little laundry this morning, I stopped and thought, how precious to be able to care for her. Even in such a small thing, to be able to meet her need. I am reminded of the Father's love for us thru Christ. I love opening my prayers with "Heavenly Father." He is the author of those feelings I had this morning folding Anna Kate's onesies! How precious and unthinkable that He wants to care for me that way and meet my needs...and He is SO much more capable than I am with all my flaws and weaknesses. Why is it that I so often wear myself out trying to meet mine, my husband's, my family's needs and completely leave him out of the equation? I pray that I will allow Him to be strong in my weakness...especially as I grow as a mama!

Lunchin' with Grandaddy & Granna at McAlister's

Very first bite of cereal...Daddy did such a good job!

This might not be all that bad! :)

She's really beginning to enjoy tummy time...especially when her daddy gets in the floor to play with her!

Grandaddy came over while Granna was at the beach, and Anna Kate had such a good time laughin with him!

Watching my first Alabama game with Gigi, Aunt Mae Beth and Benny!

Aunt Sarah showing Anna Kate what to do with that shaker! She was fascinated with it!!! Roll Tide!

Sunday in the nursery-which has been a little crazy and in need of volunteers lately-with Drew. Casey and I both try to have them sleep in there, and when I went to get Anna Kate this past Sunday, they were both just hanging out in the swings...WHERE WE LEFT THEM...like little angels! The nursery workers were VERY appreciative! :) Isn't this precious...

Thanks Gigi, Aunt Sarah, and Aunt Mae Beth for my cute pink Alabama dress!

Happy girl watchin Monday's post-practice press conference with Daddy!