Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fall, so far!

Happy Fall, y'all! I've been away too long...it took me quite a while to upload these pics. I've been lax lately, mainly because we've been super busy and because our camera is now officially 27 years old. I've definitely got my sights set on a camera that doesn't weigh 12 lbs for the new year!!! :)

Anna Kate is growing like a weed. At her last appointment she weighed 28 lbs, and was 34 inches long...She is TALL TALL TALL! She is STILL not talking which would concern me, but ALL my friends say that she will just wake up one day and speak in complete sentences. She knows which books are which, and can get them when we ask her to, but I'm ready to be able to communicate more effectively with her! She's definitely gotten some "spunk" here lately! No is not quite as meaningful anymore, if you know what I mean! She absolutely loves playing with Bella, and watching football! YAY!

Today, we went to visit Mrs. LeAnna, for Anna Kate's VERY first haircut! This is the before

During...LeAnna did a FABULOUS job!

And, after! I think it's pretty obvious that Anna Kate LOVED getting her haid done. I'm afraid we have a girly girl on our hands! :)

This is a picture from Halloween! We did NOT go trick or treating, because of the rain :( but we did eat pizza and hang out at home with our little puppy dog!

Me, Mae Beth, Gigi, Anna Kate and Sarah after one of her famous halftime performances at Catholic! Anna Kate LOVED going to the games this season.

Anna Kate is FASCINATED by all the shiny crystals and sequins on Sarah's costume. Gigi's mom, Mary, made this suit...isn't it GORGEOUS!!??

This happens a LOT...I can't tell you how many of our pictures are just not blog-worthy because Anna Kate is trying to escape the clutches of some loved one! Can I get a witness from the moms who've recently had an 18 month old???? :)

Getting an all-important shaker lesson from Grandad!

ROLL TIDE!! I think she's got the hang of it!

With Daddy and Mae Beth after one of Sarah's performances all decked out in Irish green. Check out Anna Kate's gold sandals! Has this chick got spirit or what?? :)

With Uncle Ben at Allison's Catfish for dinner!

With Uncle Ben & Aunt Lacy before dinner!

With Gigi, obviously pumped to be decked out for the first Bama game of the season!

Could she be more excited??? Actually, this one had nothing to do with football, and EVERYTHING to do with a couple of super cute puppies!

Attempting a picture with Aunt Sarah...

Walking around/on the dress that Momma bought last season in T-town. Good news-she'll probably be able to wear it next year, too!

Anna Kate LOVES watching football with her daddy!


The Thompsons said...

Yay, so glad to see you back in Blogland..Anna Kate has grown SOOO much! She is so pretty :)

Frances Vineyard said...

Oh, what a doll! Love her new hair cut and that ADORABLE dres! I can't wait to see ya'll soon!

Sara said...

Anna Kate has gotten so big. I love the dress too! We love going to LeAnna for haircuts! She's the BEST!